Saturday, January 11, 2014

Wardrobe Adjustments: Being Pretty

My look needs a bit of an update. In general, I like the theme I'm going for, sort of 'just off the boat' old-worldy, mixed with bohemian..but in practice, I tend to look more like what I am: 'lazy homesteader'. So I'm re-doing my wardrobe, starting today. The intentional look stays the same, and everything that doesn't fit, goes. So, here are the principals:

  • Toss everything I'm only partially thrilled with (n.b. 'tossed' can mean either 'cut up and reuse' or 'donate' .. if the fabric is worth saving, I'll throw it in the sewing pile).
  • Have 'work' clothes, 'good' clothes, and 'better' clothes..and don't clean the chicken coop in anything but work clothes!!
  • Don't buy anything halfheartedly. It has to be amazing - adjust to having fewer clothes.
  • Don't hold onto clothes I don't love to wear. 
  • Never go out looking slummy: this includes yoga pants. Since most of my skirts have been sliced on blackberry thorns or burnt on the stove, I've been a bit of a lazy dresser. No longer!
  • Get the poppies tattoo! Nothing helps update a look like some new ink, and I've been planning this one for months. I'm setting an appointment Monday.
 So, the goal is to end up something closer to this..but with more black..and more color..and more jewelry:

autumn layers


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  1. LOVE the look! Even more excited to hear what you say now when you get your package in the mail. ^-^

    I want to do this, too, get rid of what I don't love; why do I need so many t-shirts? Sure, it's nice for when I haven't done laundry, but really, I don't wear them anyway . . . :P

    I'm also going to try to navigate toward skirts and dresses more, which is going to be hard because I don't have a lot of comfy skirts in my wardrobe. But I really liked the article in Soul Gardening a few months back and want to see how I feel without trousers. My mother-in-law only ever wears skirts; but then she's the opposite of trying to look beautiful. She doesn't put much thought at all into what she puts on. I don't know if I like that.

    Then there's this:

    I came upon it when I was looking up Catholic headcovering. I've worn my bonnet to Mass several times, and then recently saw an article on Catholic Cravings about how the mantilla is just one of the many acceptable headcoverings for women at Mass but that it's all you see because it's the most recent. While I can see myself giving up trousers, I don't think I could give up ever having a bare head. Still, it's interesting, and I do appreciate the Amish clothing style. It's rather pretty in itself. But I'd probably never give up makeup. Or grooming. I'm far too vain for a unibrow!