Thursday, February 20, 2014

Snow and Sunlight

Here we are! Cozy and buried in the snow..

I thought Bushia would like to see some family fun on a warm winter day, because it wasn't exactly warm when she was up in January..and it's not likely to be warm for long. But today, the temperature is somewhere in the high 30s, I think; we have piles of fresh snow, and bright, sunny skies.

The house looks so comfy, doesn't it! The kitchen (behind the house) is still loaded down with snow, but we have a path to it again! Paths are necessary, the snow is past my knees in some places, and even then I'm not hitting ground. It's well packed.

There you go, mom, a picture of us both! Don't we look happy..and no coats needed today! I'd been shoveling, but Yarrow wanted me to sit down so we could plan out how to play   "'no basketball" .. " " 'no basketball" is basically just throwing snowballs up into the sky..very, very fun!

The plow-guy gave us a lovely little hill to sled down..we used the shovel, because it isn't quite big enough of a hill to require a sled..and Yarrow preferred sledding on her her 'no pants.

Luba preferred going nose first.

Happy Winter everyone!

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