Thursday, February 20, 2014


Feeling..the sunlight. It's been bright off the snow all day, making the world glow like I imagine Narnia would. The wind is loud and harsh and enthusiastic..we went out to split wood this morning and it blew snow in our faces and laughed at our aching hands, but the chance to play in the drifts was irresistible. Yarrow ran around with a stick, "smooshing the 'no" and falling down fearlessly (except once, when she fell on her back and wriggled like the little brother in 'A Christmas Story' when he can't put his arms down).

Seeing..whiteness everywhere! It's halfway up the Yurt on one side - insulating us against the bitter-nights- and we still haven't shoveled out a path to the kitchen and outhouse, so the walk is colder than it should be - I'm forever breaking through the icy crust and falling over into deep snow. At night, it creates a fun sort of terror: run, fall, struggle while Coyotes howl, run..repeat.

 Smelling.. wood-smoke and coffee..and the new facial mositurizing oil I mixed up this week: avocado and jojoba oils, vegetable glycerin, ylang ylang, clary sage, and is absolutely amazing for my winter-dry, weather-damaged skin..and it doesn't in any way encourage the breakouts that I still have to ward off (at 30! What were you thinking, Lord?) Seth made pancakes with caramelized slices of apple arranged in the centers..we ate them with last autumn's plum jam (local plums!!!) and raw, local honey, but those are long gone now. Yarrow devoured two large ones all by her hungry little self.

 Listening.. to Seth peruse the seed catalog..we're planning to expand yet again this year..and again and again and again..until we can't anymore! I love gardens.

 Grateful... for a clear sky this morning!!!!! Snow Tuesday, snow yesterday..and rumors of Snow again on Friday..we're getting buried. But it's warm and bright today!

Reading..The Quotidian Kathleen Norris, and a little book about making a 'novena of Holy Communions' - which I think is lovely.

Loving..the vacation Seth is taking with us this month, his new ink, my new ink, and our tax return - which gives me the chance to stock up on all the things I've been intending to order: lanolin, coconut oil, essential oils, and all sorts of herbs.

Hoping..for a day or two of bright skies and warm temperatures! Maybe two days is too much to ask for..just one..or five..

Working posts for the next couple weeks, home-made washes and soaps, and organizing drawers..a mouse has found it's way into one of our desk drawers.. he's hiding dog-food, seeds, and stolen bits of wool in there.. the wretch. I'm going to drown his happy home in peppermint and throw out all his food. Take that little invader.

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