Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Point of Blogging..

A friend asked why recently, and what could I say? Everybody does it for different reasons..

For me, the primary purpose of blogging is to create a place for people - myself included -  to reflect, for me to write out my thoughts in a way that will open them up to challenges and conversations. I don't really care to create  a huge following or earn money by blogging, and I certainly don't want to attempt convincing the world to live as I life is ideal, for me..but very likely not the ideal for you. But it makes me happy to share it, and more so if that sharing encourages a greater love of the natural world, and the quite, hidden life that is my own pursuit. 

As I look toward Lent - and as I try to keep to posting everyday this week - so hard! Even with Seth at home - I'm adjusting my expectations little by little. I'd like to keep up a more consistent pace, and still have more of myself to share with my family: fewer distractions. I draft most of my posts by hand to avoid wasting battery (and avoid spending all the evening hours out in the car - charging again).

This Lent I'd like to encourage more open discussion here, with guest posts in an ongoing conversation about modesty - all by women and men I admire, though many offering views quite different from my own. I think it will be a fascinating, and eye-opening..but hopefully not too time consuming, because blogging, for me, will always be about chronicling the life I'm living, not idealizing it, or pushing it aside for the sake of a post.

There will be more besides the modesty conversation. If we ever manage to tap trees this spring (if spring ever comes) - I'll have maple-syruping posts; we've made Yarrow a tiny altar all her own for the Lenten season, and I can't wait to share it; I've thought of sharing Fasting breakfasts particularly this season - oatmeals, Sunday Quinoa and smoked salmon, blood oranges and pistachios..and my ever-present lenten teas. I guess the point of my blogs is to remind myself of my own fluid little Rule of Life, to share it with the world in hope that they will see somewhere in it, a tiny flicker of Christ's light.

Why do you blog, or journal, or write? How do you shape your life to be the best it can be?

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