Sunday, March 2, 2014

7 posts in 7 Days..DONE!

The 7 posts in 7 Days Challenge is over..It wasn't easy, but it was definitely a lot more fun, and a lot more productive than I'd expected! I tend to get bogged down in the editing, over thinking a post until it loses all relevance and ends up tucked forever at the back of my writing journal..The week's commitment helped keep that tendency at bay.

Seth's vacation time is also coming to an end. He'll be at work bright and early Monday morning, and we are going to miss him badly at home!  Yarrow and I are planning to drop him off and run some errands, just to give her that extra time and distraction. She does not want her daddy gone all day anymore. At all.

It's been so great to see the two of them spend so much time together these past couple weeks! So great to see her delighted face every-time she can ask "May I please..have..stay home from work today, please, Daddy!" and here back a "yes, of course!" 

"Daddy is just ours." She tells me, because he's at home. Letting her touch his new tattoo or building bonfires "just" for her with sparks that go up singing to the moon. She loves it best when the moon is out in daylight - and she can find it every time! - and even better when she can point out the day-time moon to Seth and share the delight.

Seth's 30th Birthday is today..we spent most of it with some lovely friends - watching Yarrow run 'round with their kids and eating pulled pork from last year's pigs. Happy Birthday my poor, dear, neglected husband! Thanks for putting up with so very much from me and for loving me as much as you do!

He had a birthday bonfire on Friday - the night temperatures 'plunged' to 10 below and wind picked up..It was bitterly cold outside, but lovely and so much fun. I made chili, we set out toppings that froze in the first hour..we hung mason jars with candles and wondered why exactly it's taken us this long to think of that!

And now, in early March we're waiting for winter to leave's going to be cold tonight, five below..and tomorrow night those wretched weathermen are promising close to 20 below..but I don't just feels easier to cope right now. We have lots of snow packed around the house, lots of wood inside, and lots of love to keep us warm. 

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