Monday, March 3, 2014


Feeling..preparatory. It's Monday. The last Monday before fasting begins and I'm drinking a latte in anticipation.  I'm a little slow today, a little bit down, and a little bit crazily convince that the sunshine and 20 degree weather is worth sitting with the window down. But coffee will help with always helps.

Seeing..piles of snow everywhere and bright blue's unfortunate that bright days seem so necessarily linked to bitterly cold nights. We're anticipating another dive into the negative numbers again tonight. I'm starting to worry about me gardens..will I even be able to plant this year? Will the snow be here in May? In June? Will it be here Forever? At least it helps insulate us..I only had to get up once with the stove last night - we're heating much more efficiently..but still. It's March! March is supposed to be .. well, not really warm, but not freezing.

 Smelling.. Cardamom and vanilla cake..I baked it yesterday for Seth's birthday. It's one of my favorite celebratory was actually one of the layers of our wedding cake (along with Poppy- seed) and we're slowly picking away at what's left from the Birthday dinner yesterday.

Tasting..Lattes..I love lattes, I don't know what I'm going to do with myself on, that's not true, I do know..I'm going to drink buckets of tea and dive into the Lenten's not Wednesday I worry about, it's next Monday, when the glow's worn off..then what will I do? What do you do to get through the first slump of Fasting?

 Listening.. to snowmobiles and gunshots..what on earth are people doing out there. I heard the coyotes this morning, after the sun was up, which was a surprise, usually they stick to the dark times. Yarrow loves them (They are finding their friends), Luba wants desperately to join them, only Seth and I hold back our affection.

 Grateful... for so many wonderful friends to talk things out with, and for the blessings of many prayers from those I love!
Reading..Nothing quite yet..I'm scanning the bookshelves today.

Loving..Good friends, my amazing husband, Carnival and Lent..I love the changing seasons of the Church!
Hoping..for a good and holy fast for all of us.
Working on..writing, poems, edits..and meal planning - Lenten eating takes emotional preparation as well as so many domestic preparations!



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