Monday, March 31, 2014


Feeling.. the gray, heaviness of the clouds in my head. I'm longing for a good two or three day run of sunlight.  Then I tell myself, I'll get my energy back. This is the longest 'pre-spring' winter I've ever experienced and it's exhausting. But the rain's been pouring down all morning, washing away there's hope! Maybe by Easter I'll catch a sight of grass in my yard.
Seeing.. a to-do list stacked with things to. Budgeting, bill paying, cleaning, re-arranging, writing, reading, prayers, and all manner of neglected things to tend to .. all written out in black pen beside my little espresso cup.
 Smelling.. rose, lavender, and lemongrass, to pick me up and focus my thoughts again..I love the combination so very much. It's balancing and inspiring and centering.. perfect for baths or morning  projects. coffee and grapefruit .. crazy lenten fun! We've had a spree of fast-breaking: St. Joseph's, Annunciation, and our it's time to settle in for the long haul.

Listening.. to the Once More with Feeling's been in my head for days: "We things get rough, he just hides behind his Buffy.." " I marrying a demon, we could really raise the beam on making marriage a hell!". But this one's one of my favorites:

Grateful... for the rain, which was neither the predicted ice nor the predicted snow. Thank God for rain.

Reading.. A little pile of random books..Some Rilke, some Shakespeare, some magazines, some John Paul II..I'm kind of uncommitted right now.

Loving..The pretty bangs I cut in my hair yesterday, and the pretty black dress I found. Prettiness all around! I've got to come up with an Easter dress, don't I? That's fun to think about..

 Hoping..that the warm days are here at last..warm enough to start the melting, and who knows.. maybe our road will be drive-able again soon!
Working on..waking up. Consistency, and using up the over-abundance of fabric I've got in the house.

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  1. I love your Today posts. They make me miss you so much!