Friday, April 4, 2014

Quotidian Notes: April Penance

Bright blue skies and steadily rising temperatures are a blessing, even if the low 40s aren't exactly my ideal April average, and the piles of snow everywhere are nearly as deep as they were in February. Still, I'm grateful. Really, I am grateful.

It's going to be a messy spring. We're not alone this year in parking out on the road. three of our four neighbors are doing the same, to avoid cutting up muddy driveways or getting caught in a sink-hole. It's a long, wet walk in, but really, what else can I expect when this is what the first day of spring looked liked:

* * * *  * * * * 

 I gave us dishes for our wedding anniversary last Saturday. Fun square plates, espresso cups and saucers, and rice bowls. As well as place-mats and napkins. I love setting the table..

Pretty, aren't they! I'm trying to keep them from getting ruined by Yarrow's mess and my carelessness. 

The espresso cups are my favorites right now. Aren't they adorable! I've been drinking way too much coffee, because I like them so much. Two of those cups were mine this morning, one is Yarrow's...

* * * *  * * * * 

Last week we watched 'Frozen','s views on the movie come closest to my own, except that she actually enjoyed it, and I was merely bored I had to go and watch the Buffy musical afterwards. I missed the more interesting, fairy-tale characters of older Disney films, missed a real villain, missed the 'magic'. And more than anything I missed good animation. Frozen was so flat, so soulless..The fabric especially suffered, it looked like rubber.

Yarrow rejected it early on. She watched just a little before scampering off to play. Seth and I were only slightly more forgiving. We watched it, but lost any hope of enjoying it before Elsa's "look, now I'm all sexy!" costume change during her 'frozen fractals' song.

What did you think of the movie? 

* * * *   * * * * 

It's raining now, after an afternoon of beautiful weather. I'm praying it stays rain..there are rumors of another 3-5 inches of snow tonight. Please, please, please, no..let's just have spring. 

Early last April..look at all the ground!


  1. Ugh! The snow!! It hurts to look at it.

    But your dishes are so pretty. :D

  2. I posted a review of 'Frozen' on my blog; don't know if you saw it.

    I pretty much agree with your take, though I did like parts of it: it was just kind of limp and aimless, and it cut out the whole point of the fairy tale without putting anything else in its place. I thought 'Tangled' was much better (I watched it right after to deal with my disappointment).

    Though I will admit that I've had 'Let it Go' stuck in my head for weeks.