Monday, April 7, 2014


Feeling.. Good! It's warm again today! The snow is slowly melting away.. I slept late, Seth woke up with Yarrow at seven and brought me a hot cup of coffee when I starting shifting into wakefulness at eight! He didn't have to leave for work until a little after nine today, and so we relished this lazy morning!
 Smelling.Clary Sage, grapefruit, and Murphy's Oil Soap, spring cleaning has begun in earnest! I scrubbed the dome yesterday, and the rafters, today I'm moving the bed and purging beneath it..I'm hoping to dump 80% of what's under there..and seeing as I've not idea what that might be, there's a decent chance I won't miss anything! coffee, oatmeal, and oranges..Monday of Passion week! Last night we had amazing blackened-shrimp tacos, today the leftover shrimp are in the freezer, the tortillas are For-Yarrow-Only, and we're back to the grind. But only one week left before we kick it up for Holy Week, and then it's Easter!!! I can't wait.

Listening.. to Yarrow talk all about her love of oranges. Her oatmeal is "too hot". It is not actually hot at all, but she doesn't want it, she wants more orange, more tortilla, more of her own "It is not too spicy for me" salsa, more sesame sticks...not oatmeal. Never oatmeal. Oh the devastation!

Grateful... for the sunlight, for an amazing first run of the season yesterday (after I picked my way through the mud and ruts of our road), for a lovely long, slow morning with my little family, and for Spring-time.

Reading.. A little book about goat-keeping. This might just be the year! I'm getting fresh chickens this spring, ducks, guniea fowl, another pair of pigs, and kittens..maybe another puppy..and this summer, we might just add goats. whew! Pretty exciting, eh!

Loving..The little bit of ritual I've managed to work into my life consistently! I'm feeling so energized..that might just be the sunlight though..and I'm ready to add in more, I think, maybe..we'll see.

 Hoping..that the cleaning goes well and quickly today, that I can find Yarrow's muck boots in time for an afternoon walk to the mailbox, that the snow melts fast. The city is already mostly snow-free, but we've still got up to a foot or more in most areas..and it's all melty and slushy, which makes walking difficult.
Working on..becoming a domestic goddess...why not aim high.


  1. I've been loving reading your Lenten reflections this Spring and figured I should tell you-finally! Thank you for these glimpses of a lift at once so different and so like my own. All blessings to you, especially in the coming Holy days.

    1. Thanks so much!

      Blessings to you as well! We're almost through.

  2. OH MERCY I am so ready to be done with Lent, and I haven't been half as sacrificial as you have.

    Totally love your "Working on." ;D You can DO IT.

    1. haha - thanks! I'm feeling all sorts of motivation right now!