Monday, April 21, 2014

Today: Wesołego Alleluja

Feeling.. Full. Tired. Happy. Celebratory..Wesołego Alleluja!! I'm thrilled that Easter has finally arrived, bringing a proper Spring with it! We went to the Vigil on Holy Saturday, and afterwards to a late-night binging party. On Sunday we slept late, then raided the Święconka basket for all sorts of blessed foods. I had coffee that was more cream than anything, and Yarrow ran around with chocolate smeared fingers, letting Luba clean them for her whenever she could get away with it! 

Yarrow's Święconka basket

Seeing.. the river beside the cafe flowing fast with spring run-off, Yarrow munching bacon and bread, bushia and dziadzia dancing attendance on her, sunlight breaking through the clouds at last, my latest latte - all foamy and beautiful.

Smelling. Coffee, pulled pork, bread, and smells, I haven't spent much time out in them this Lent, most have limited Lenten options, and fasting really should be done mostly at home, at least my own is best done at home.

Tasting..water..I'm full! We can't eat all the time, right?
Christ..rocking His Resurrection
Listening.. to cafe music..they're all into jazzy music right favorite cafe of all CLOSED for good on Holy Saturday and I'm devastated. Our priest told me after the Vigil, he'd brought me a bag of rolls, knowing I would mourn the loss along with him. I've been looking forward to going to the Bread Shack for a Breve and croissant all Lent. Now I never can's such an argument against delayed gratification.

Grateful... for Christ's saving death and Resurrection..for the deaths of all the pigs contributing to our Easter feasts, for a Polish Church close enough to get the food blessed properly, and for a Spring that has finally come!

Both Święconka baskets, at the park in Portland.

 Hoping..for a quiet night at home and lots of good ideas from the wood-fire baking book I've ordered!

Working on..finally completing a Divine Mercy'll be the first year ever if I actually do! Usually I miss day 1; this year I've got three days down, 6 to go!

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