Thursday, April 24, 2014

Quotidian Notes

My thoughts have been all over the place this week. Easter is a wonderful season, and we've been celebrating right along with God. The weather changed decisively this week, I have crocuses blossoming in the garden, tulips popping up, and the snow-piles are almost gone!

Today the wind is powerful. It's blowing our little Easter flags and threatening to steal my laundry from the line. Yarrow is sleeping heavy on the big bed, and has been since Bushia and Dziadzia left this afternoon. She's exhausted. Sometimes the wind is too loud for her, and her tired little eyes flutter, but they fall back down as soon as it's passed.

* * * *  * * * * 

Social media is always interesting. Last week a friend of mine 'liked' a blogger's status and facebook showed me the post. It was a venomous-sort of post against those of us who've decided not to vaccinate our kids. I when I read it, I felt a deep, lasting sort of frustration: "stay away from my family, stay away from my kids" the poster wrote in her comments, and I wondered if, meeting Yarrow, she would say the same to my healthy, glowing little elf. 

I wanted to share something in response. Another friend had shown me an article that expressed so much of my feelings in response to the first post, but I don't like starting facebook wars, and I didn't want to give to my vaccinating friends the feelings I'd gotten. I love my friends. I want them to feel loved when they read what I share, I never want them to hear me say "stay away from my family" - even when we disagree..I respect your intelligence, I respect your love and devotion to your children's best interests, but if you join in on some of those "let's hate on all the 'hippies' with their un-vaccinated kids and their midwives!" rants, I won't respect your sense of Charity much, because those threads are just mean-spirited.

* * * *  * * * *

Yarrow's grandparents were up visiting this Easter. I think they had lots of fun...

 don't you?

They really did have fun..just not right then. Visiting during mud-season after the winter-from-hell..well, we're just lucky the car was as easy to get out as it was. Seth and I had just spent the morning digging out our own car, and two in one morning makes me want to close the yurt to visitors for the months of March and April. Just a little bit..Yarrow though, loved the whole 'getting free' process. Start to finish. She's rugged like that.

* * * *  * * * *

While they were up we left Yarrow with both sets of grands and went out to the Gastropub. We've been looking forward to it forever, but Lent sort of got in the way.. Our Easter date was Honey Siracha wings, beers, and yummy fries with garlic aoli!  Oh my goodness it was amazing. 

Afterwards we went to the Tap House - pretty much our favorite bar ever..and got into a fascinating conversation with a woman there..the introvert in me wanted to just hole up in a corner chair with Seth, but the other (smaller, weaker) part of me enjoyed our conversation. A happy pagan, she didn't get my love of the Church, the inescapable link in my life between magic and Christ..we invited her up to the house some time - to meet our birches and our Icons, and to continue the conversation..It might go better without so many Monsoons in me, or maybe the drinks helped me be less internal, more able to share?

Blessed Easter Week all!


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