Sunday, May 4, 2014


Feeling.. Contented. It's Sunday afternoon, and - apart from blogging - I am done with my day's plans. I've attended Liturgy, drinking in the light that comes from mingled candles and clouded over daylight streaming through stained glass; I've run through the rainy afternoon air and come back soaked but warm and fresh. I've put my house in order and talked herbs and Chesterton with Seth..this evening I'll make a pot of coffee and settle in with my story (the one I began in November and have left to set for months), it's been lonely too long and is ready to be seen again. Tomorrow, I'll drop Seth at work, and pick up some roses, check the prices of fruit trees, and peruse herb-pots at the farm store. I'll put in my order for June chicks and ducklings and build another raised bed with Yarrow. I love anticipating the new week!

Seeing.. the cozy house - clean, but lived-in messy, and the altar..all abundant with Easter still, though Jesus' flowers need to be changed..seeing Yarrow's 'motorcycle' tucked beside the 'big' altar - her own little altar is full of stones and candles and saints she's recruited to her cause...seeing the grey sky spit rain down at the's a dark day out, but Seth has a blue willow-ware cup on a bright red saucer on the table beneath the sky, and it makes me warm just looking at it.

Smelling. Wetness and mud and spring and herbal teas. Everything smells like moist rocks that have been pulled out of their, dark scents. Soon I'll make it all smell of coffee and cream.

Tasting..Icelandic yogurt. It's similar to Greek yogurt, but without as much of a tang. I would like to be tasting a bottle of chocolate wine (it's amazing, really!) I didn't buy any yesterday, and I'm glad I didn't, because really, what's the point in running just to down a bottle of wine at the end of the day? Or maybe that is the whole point of down a bottle of wine everyday..either way, I'll stick to yogurt and tea tonight instead, and hope for the sense to pick some up tomorrow.

Listening.. to Seth and Yarrow. They are outside "playing and playing and playing" as Yarrow would say; or "cleaning up the yard" according to Seth. It sounds like fun. I just ran through the rain though, so I'd rather stay warm and dry! Besides, I'd planned on taking some alone time today, and running doesn't always fill that's too..public? maybe. Out on the road with cars driving by and neighbors doing's lovely, but not exactly 'all lonely' which is often what I crave.
Grateful... for help learning to mount brakes and rotors on Friday; for a hard-working husband - who'll be working a lot this month and will be sorely missed at home! - but who's work keeps me able to do all the spring work we're only just now able to start; for 'good-girl-Luba' who's a delight to have around, even if she does steal butter sticks and hide them - half eaten - in the couch cushions; and for the motivation and energy to make my land more beautiful than ever this year!

Hoping..for an early bedtime for Yarrow - who's tummy is all sad and 'not doing well' but who is otherwise completely fine. I think she has her father's constitution..fighting off the sickness that had me home in bed for two whole days and weak for two more.

Reading..Heretics, by G.K. Chesterton...and actually, I like this one better than any of his other non-fiction. At least of what I've read so far. He's still too...reactionary for my tastes, but he's got a nice style and I'm enjoying what I'm reading. So thanks, little brother, for the long, drawn out loan! The pile of Chesterton books my brother lent me was supposed to go back to him via my parents after Easter (and before that, after Christmas) but I'm glad it's been delayed, or I'd never have tried Heretics.

Working on..lots of writing! And spring cleaning. I've got a few seedlings up, and I'm trying to fix the garden for the hardier plantings, trying to pick and prepare spots for fruit trees, and trying to get the road drive-able by this weekend!


  1. It sounds like your heart and soul are right where they should be. And your home is coming right along. Blessings and prayers.

  2. Oh yeah...I almost forgot that those were due back. Would this be a good time to let you know that I charge late fees?

    Well, I'm glad you're enjoying something from him at least (have you read "The Everlasting Man" yet?): that makes the delay worthwhile.

  3. So many Plans! The best kind, too. I'm glad you like Heretics. But you're right, he's a reactionary, as am I, and that's probably why we get along! I know that smell of rocks, it's divine!