Saturday, August 23, 2014

August Ending..

I hadn't really intended to take so long a hiatus. But my goodness, it's been a busy summer! And I didn't want to come back to blogging with a series of serious posts - I wanted to say 'hi' first and chat lightly for a while. 

It's been hard to think about blogging when I've been hiding my head from the news of the world and retreating deeper and deeper into my little monastery. But I'm back, the summer is ending, and it really is time to start writing again in earnest. 

We're preparing for a winter that promises to be at least as cold and harsh as the last one. The chicken coop is being made weather-tight, the duck pen is being built as I write, a hardy, low-roofed little nest for them, with a strong yard, and all under the protection of the big Balsam beside the house. We've almost lost these crazy ducks so many times now, I'm determined to keep them safe and warm through the cold months.

We'll be moving the cook-stove into the yurt this winter as part to have the extra heat, and in part to avoid the misery of going out into the bitter cold to start it up for baking. It'll mean using more wood, but I think it'll be well worth it..and on the very cold nights, when I can't sleep much anyway, I can bake bread in the hot oven!

Seth took some time off work to work for his parents, building a chimney for their addition. Yarrow and I tagged along, and she adored working with her daddy. Seth let her help him mix 'mud' and tap the bricks. She carried bricks to him and moved wood around, and spent hours just 'watching the working guys work'. She was such a happy girl, and asked to be called "outside guy" instead of "Yarrow" while helping Daddy - who was also an "outside guy"..pretty adorable!

Our camera won't focus for me right now, so that's the only photo you get today, but if I can make it work, I'll add more later this weekend! My parents are coming up tomorrow evening, for the last visit of the summer..summer really is over, isn't it! Hopefully, we'll spend the week moving dirt, circling the house with strawbales (for insulation!), and stacking more firewood!

Blessings all!

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