Monday, August 25, 2014


Feeling... many things all at once. I'm happy to see Bushia i Dziadzia visiting Yarrow, to see her wander off confidently in their hands; I'm excited to see all the little improvements at home and in the yard - my husband spent his weekend building, fixing, up-keeping, and in general making home a delight (along with making me a lovely Sunday brunch, and giving me some time to myself Saturday morning and making sure I got into town for confession! Can I be any luckier?) I'm also feeling confident about the coming winter..the sense of unpreparedness is gone, and I'm seeing our wood-pile grow, seeing our home's 'winter order' take shape, and feeling positively anticipatory. But, I'm also feeling frustrated. It's time for me to take a brake from social media again..I've got some thoughts drafted for sharing in the next few days, but September first, I'm swearing off Facebook for at least a few weeks to recollect my sense of sanity.

Seeing.. a bustling cafe! I let Yarrow plan the day today, she wanted a morning with her grandparents at Cafe Nomad "..because I really, really, really like them!" and an afternoon playing with them in the yard. They've taken off to walk around town while I type, and I'm watching hipsters sip lattes, families play with giggly babies, and hipster parents give sips of coffee to funky toddlers with names like Eyelet and Otis..(I'm hoping here, I've no idea what the kids' names are.)

Smelling.. breve (mine) and dirty diaper (not mine)..someone needs a change, but the bathroom is taken by a line of older women looking peeved..come on hipsters, no one will judge you for changing Baby Byron on the floor!

Tasting.. yummy breve, town water, and just a tiny sip of Yarrow's mango smoothie..(I'm supposed to guard it, not drink it..but it's so very good. Just one more little sip...

Listening.. to the people around me talk and talk and talk..I love being alone in cafes! I l
listening to snippets of other people's conversations! Someone is buying a house, Little Delilah
(problematic choice, hipsters..Delilah's not a nice girl!) is demanding more juice, old women 
are listing off the many places that have more bathrooms than this cafe, someone, somewhere 
is angry at the president..
Grateful... for an ideal weekend, a clean soul, happy ducks (they have a new coop!), and an
exciting week ahead..the last week of August. 

Hoping..I can finish setting up the yurt for fall & winter this week (by moving the oven into the house!!), get some dirt moved to where it needs to be, and get a hold of the guy with cheap hay for sale, to help with winter insulation! Yes, I am productive..hopefully.

Reading..what am I reading??? Nothing much right now, actually..I feel like sort of a failure in that. I'm in such a slump..but I'm looking around. There's a book called 'The Little Oratory' I'd like to look into, though I've heard mixed reviews..and another book on St. Petka (Paraskeva) and Orthodox Women Saints that I'd buy in a second if I had the $70 a used copy costs..hmm, I need to broaden my options right now.

Working on..getting some order into my days again, along with working through the "To Do Before November" list on my wall, editing some poems in the hopes of loving them again, and finding a book to read!

How about you?? How's your day?

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