Saturday, January 31, 2015

A New Year

I'm easing back into blogging, with the help of my husband. This past year of quiet balancing of life and time and thoughts and dreams has been lovely. I didn't intend it to become a year of near-silence here..but the silence has been helpful to me. 

We'll be altering the blog slightly in the next month or so. Seth will be sharing more of his own thoughts and I will be forming some of mine, as well as visually tidying up the place. 

For now, know that we are safe and happy in our home among the trees: shoveling snow, feeding poultry, and preparing the place to welcome our newest little bundle of need in just about a month!
photo courtesy of L.C. Photography..and my dear friend, Christie,
who met us on a late autumn trip to Florida and captured so much joy.

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