Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Mardi Gras..

I feel sort of surprised by Lent this year. Maybe because the weather still feels like early January - all deep freezes, blizzards, and ridiculously cold nights. February should be warmer, just a bit. 

But tomorrow we step into the fast - ready or not - and while I'm not feeling 'prepared,' I'm not exactly knocked off balance by it either. I have happy plans for lentil stews, na'an, oranges, and excessive amounts of tea. I don't know if I'll be able to really enjoy black coffee this year. I haven't been able to drink it black at all this pregnancy, and so I'm planning to just switch to tea for the season. Raspberry leaf tea, fenugreek tea, green tea, smokey tea, jasmine tea, and nettle tea..with honey. Honey is always permitted.

Seth stayed home just a little longer this morning to treat Yarrow and I to home-made espresso drinks: a cappuccino for me and a mocha for Yarrow, as well as an americano for himself. It was an ideal start to the day!

I few people have asked if I'll be keeping the fast pregnant and postpartum. I really don't see any reason not to, I mean, the food we fast with is nourishing, warming, healing, and good. I'll be making lots of soup soon, to have in the freezer for directly post-birth, and stocking up on almond and hazelnut milk for my amazing cardamom-saffron milk - which I'm determined to have frothed and steamy by my bedside after labor. But I don't see a need to indulge in meats and things..Lent is still Lent, after all. I'm 'playing it by ear' though. If I feel the overwhelming need for massive quantities of raw, Jersey milk and scrambled eggs..I'll give in. But I expect the soups will satisfy. 

We're expecting snow again for Ash Wednesday. It's possible I'll get no ashes this year. Kind of an appropriately penitential start to the season, really. I'd like to go, but I'm prepared for a long day at home. Computer-less, I'm thinking, because I really ought to deny myself social media for the day. Perhaps Yarrow and I will focus on setting up the altars, offering prayers, and nurturing each other into the fast.

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