Thursday, February 19, 2015


It's been a long winter..

The days have been cold and stormy, with nothing much to entice us outside. So we've been playing board games, baking, and resenting the weather. 

I'm grateful that this winter, Seth's work has been very casually organized. He can easily stay home on snowy days, keep the road clear, and keep us from worrying about long drives on bad roads. Today he's home again, although the snow wasn't too heavy last night. He's stayed to snowplow and restock firewood with me, and to let me have another massage in town. I've been trying to set on up for weeks, but the weather's been making trouble with that as well.

Yesterday was warmer than usual..20-something and sunny! Yarrow came out with me while I split up some wood and wandered the yard in her snowshoes, while Luba watched and trembled in self-pity. She hates winter more than anyone. As soon as she's out she's begging to come in again. While Yarrow tromped through the snow, threw snowballs, and delighted in the sunlight, Luba sat miserably and resented us all. 

My whole house smells of rosemary and lavender today. I've put some oil in the dragon on the stove, and it's steaming out to make everything fresh. I've got a long list of things to do, but one of them is an afternoon massage, and right after it, acupuncture, so it's a pleasantly restful list. I hope the snow stays away now..and a little more sunlight wouldn't hurt either.

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  1. Requesting pictures of the smoking dragon, please! xx