Wednesday, April 15, 2015


We've gotten 3 duck eggs so far! It's sort of thrilling. After the Great Horned Owl picked off three and fatally wounded one this winter, I was beginning to doubt we'd ever get duck eggs. But our two survivors are laying with the chickens (they're excessively attached to the chicken flock) and we're currently being overwhelmed with eggs. I've baked six quiche in the past week, and could happily bake six more today, and still have eggs left over! Which is good, as we devour eggs.

Running errands with my babe's is delightful! We brought coffees to Seth at his worksite the other day while replacing a phone and picking up some raw milk and a replacement Rosemary essential oil (I dropped and broke our 4 ounce bottle of it last week! 4 ounces gone! The floor smells amazing). 

In general, I've become even more of a homebody since Ilya's birth. I've been spending hue amounts of time organizing and stocking my herb-shelves: essential oils, mullein for coughs, mugwort for dreams, tinctures, balms, and bath-salts all tucked among Icons and holy oils. It's a delightful project. Soon I'll have to move on to organizing something else, and I'm putting it off as long as possible.


Bushia made Yarrow a baby cocoon for Da..and now that Seth's brought out his old doll, Da likes to share. Yarrow tucks both dolls into the cocoon and basks in overwhelmingly maternal feelings of love and tenderness.

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