Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Ilya's Quilt

My parents have a lovely neighbor.

When Yarrow was born, she made a beautiful quilt - all blues and greens and summer-time woods. Yarrow adores her quilt-with-the-stars. She loves seeing the stars in the sky and knowing they come down to nestle with her in bed.

I grew up right next door to this woman, never knowing she quilted until she gave us Yarrow's quilt. Now she's sent along another for baby Ilya...and I'm thrilled and so grateful to her.

Ilya's quilt is huge! Not quite a 'baby' quilt at all, it would fit on a toddler bed easily. And like Yarrow's, it feels as though she's touched his soul in the making of it. It seems to belong with him - my late-winter baby. 

But right now, he's sharing with his fits her little bed so well after all! And she's so excited to share her quilt with him as well. They're an adorable pair - Yarrow and Ilya and right now, sharing is what they do best!

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  1. I just bet she adores him. She's an adoring kind of girl. <3