Saturday, April 25, 2015


Feeling... uncertain. I have that awful, hovering sense that something has been forgot. That there are things I'm neglecting. I have no idea what. I've called the people I should have, baked all the dough I had rising, and gone through in my mind all I could be missing, but nothing takes the feeling away. It's such an uncomfortable feeling. 

Seeing.. my daughter play with her cars, tiny trucks hauling cloves of garlic, while Luba eyes everyone covetously and creeps toward the mugs of coffee on the floor.  "No, are never allowed coffee!" Luba and coffee is pretty much the worst combination ever.

Smelling.. coffee, fresh bread, and lots of lemon essential oil. I've been cleaning with lemon a lot recently, as well as starting my days with lemon water. It smells so fresh and welcoming.

Tasting.. milky coffee and muffins. Saturday mornings are ideal for muffins..Saturday mornings are just ideal in general. I love the slowness of them. I love waking up to Yarrow's uncontained and exhausting enthusiasm, I love it when Seth crawls out of bed to make coffee and lets me sleep. I love sneaking out of bed to do the same for him. I love Ilya's satisfied and entitled little face when he finally falls asleep after a night of crabbiness. Just in time to deprived me of any true rest. I even love Luba's pathetic attempts to steal food or sneak her way up onto the bed....I do not love the rain-clouds.

Listening.. to Yarrow. Playing with cars is so loud. So many noises. Noises are not my favorite thing ever..but she enjoys them so very much.

Grateful... for the weekend!

Hoping..I can either remember the thing I'm forgetting, or realize it's a figment of my mind, I hate being haunted by it like this.

Reading..Food Rules by Michael Pollan. Thank goodness he avoids making me feel guilty about the amount of coffee I'm drinking!

Working on..making more diaper balm for Ilya, Spring cleaning, and writing, actually..assuming I get the chance. I'd love to work on catching up on sleep, but my body generally punishes me for naps.

How about you?? How's your day?


  1. i had that feeling, wicked, wicked feeling! Naughty! And Kathleen Norris wants me to start writing poetry again. It's good that the book doesn't make you feel guilty. I've thrown in the towel to that particular vice and started drinking the Starbucks Refreshers again. Because they help SO much. I get so much more done and don't feel like death walking. So I encourage caffeine heartily. ;)

    Did you ever find out what it was?

  2. P.S. I know what you mean about being punished for naps--I hate that, too!