Friday, May 15, 2015

Pretty - Happy - Funny - Real


[a detail from Ilya's baptismal gown; last Saturday's breakfast-in-the-making; my husband's beautiful new tattoo]

I've been feeling overwhelmed by my own good-fortune recently. Looking around at my life and delighting in it again and again. Spring has come, and it feels like summer.

* * *    * * * 


[The only baptism photo we ended up getting; Yarrow in her new sweater, old Easter dress, and my heels; siblings]

Ilya is happiest with Yarrow around. His baptism was almost two months ago (we don't like delaying sacraments) but I never got any photos, so this is all we've got from the actual event.

* * * *   * * * *


[kids and dog; she stole the cowboy boots..and my attitude; feeling big]

* * *    * * * 


[sleeping baby; early morning (I slept in my make-up again); altar-card]

Blessed Friday, all!

* * * *    * * * * 

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