Monday, May 23, 2011

We have an owl. He hoots at the clouds in the evening, and at the other birds in the morning. I've never seen him, but in my mind he is fluffy, brown and white, with huge owl-eyes and a tiny beak buried in his feathery-face. I'm very fond of him - I hope he stays with us, watching and hooting all year.

Today I have a list of people to call, in response to advertisements for things we need. The propane-fridge guy, the chicken-people, and the many potential rototillers, though I think I'll save the rototiller people for my husband. Mechanical questions aren't at all my specialty. My theory on mechanical troubles, though, is proving true once again. Our problems with both the generator and the chainsaw have faded and my little car is still trooping along in its attempt at rural-living. My standard "wait-and-see, it'll fix itself" really does work!

The unending rain is preventing me from doing much of anything. Occasionally it lets up enough, and we brave the bugs and attempt to work, until the next downpour. I'm certain our radishes are swollen and pithy now, though the rest of the garden is happy enough. It's been over a week, at least - closer to two, I think, since we've seen a day with no rain, and I'm longing for the sun. Luba is blaming me for the continual bad weather, with makes her depressed and even more emotionally fragile than usual, but I can't blame her, I'm pining all my hopes on June to bring back the sunshine.

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