Monday, August 15, 2011

Medicine Shelf

A shelf fell off the wall the other day, smashing all our Absinthe glasses and beheading a statue. I decided to rehang the shelf in the outhouse, where walls are better able to support shelving, and to store my medicines there. We don't actually have any medicines, apart from Benedryl, so the shelf will actually be full of healthful herbs in various forms and supplements.

Most of our herbs are stored dry in jars, to be made into teas or tinctures as needed. I want to label all these jars, so I don't have to sniff out the right herb each time I need one, and to make it easier to remember what I have. Our tinctures (vodka infused with herbs) are labeled, but I would like to make more of them. Tinctures give a stronger dose of the herb than teas, last a long time, and look pretty in their little bottles. We also make salves with our herbs by steeping the herb in olive oil and adding melted beeswax until the right consistency is reached. We use the salves for anything skin related: chapped lips, dry skin, scrapes, and bug bites. They feel fantastic and do a wonderful job.

Our medicine collection also includes a little bottle of St. Joseph's oil, for general healing. We use just a bit of it when we're concerned about something, or just feeling off. Results are sometimes slow, sometimes fast, but they always come out right. I'm hoping, now that I know of it's existence, to pick up some St. Paraskeva oil, for eye ailments, but I've no idea where to find it.

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