Friday, September 9, 2011

Baby cafes

To use the internet, I have to go out. We have nothing even close to a wireless connection on our road. When I go to the cafe, I spend a good deal of time there, sipping coffee and typing up blogs for delayed posting. If Yarrow is good, which she generally is - either sleeping or eating - I can type at least a weeks worth of blog posts and set them up for automatic publication. It's easy, usually, and fun. I come in about twice a week, and spend a good three hours each time. My ideal location is an independent cafe in the next town over, with good, organic coffee, interesting patrons, and comfy chairs.

When I first had Yarrow, I was a bit intimidated by the idea of spending long hours at a cafe with her. A screaming baby is not an ideal customer. I might get nothing done at all; my blogs could fall into disrepair. But Yarrow's been ideal, even her fussy times are not as fussy in public as they are at home. I wonder if, being a caul baby, she senses the attitudes around her and reaches out to them in love by being such a sweet, calm one. Like Luba-the-dog, she just wants a bit of love.

At the cafes, I generally wear her in one of our slings, so she won't feel alone in a strange place, and so I can type with both hands. We listen to the people around us discuss all manner of things, and enjoy making the people we meet smile. I've never had so many conversations with strangers before having my own, readi-made conversation starter.

Since the rains been pretty consistent this week, and I managed to clean out beneath the bed, and created another bag for donation yesterday, I don't feel bad at all spending a long morning at our cafe. Today is Matka's birthday, her card is in the mail, and our weekend is off to a fantastic start, with a semi-retreat girls-night planned later and a Greek festival stretching through Saturday. We're determined to make it. They sell Icons, and I'm hoping for one of Paraskeva.

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