Monday, September 12, 2011

Laundry day

Because we have no well, and no electricity, and because scrubbing clothes in the stream seems less than ideal in so many ways, we generally launder things at the laundromat. I'd been searching out different laundromats since moving to the land. There is one in Portland with free wireless, but it's a bit more expensive than average. One in Auburn is pretty average, but with overly social staff, who seem always to be expecting something from me. In general I went to one in Paris, with all the basics and nothing disturbing about it, until Matka, on her summer visit discovered the little "barn" laundry down the road. I'm a dedicated washer there, every week, with inexpensive washers, few patrons, and a quiet table to sit with Yarrow reading the King James Bible aloud (there is no one to disturb at "the barn"). We've made it to the tale of Jacob's magic multiplying of sheep and goats. Yarrow enjoys the reading, she likes especially the geneologies, with the rhythm of  names. It is the first time I've really read the geneologies, and Yarrow's interest inspires my own, I like to hear the names roll of my tongue.

"The Barn" has no quarter machines, or soap dispensers, so I have to remember to bring my own, but that is a help as well. It keeps me committed to using our homemade soap for Yarrow's things, and keeping the harsher detergent for our own clothes. When we've finished with the huge jug of detergent we have stored in the outhouse, I'm going to be using homemade detergent for all our things, but until then, I'd still rather keep Yarrow's things safely freash, with a mix of vinegar, borax, baking soda, and castille soap.

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