To the blog:

I created Piekno to be my online home. A place to share little snippets of my life, photos, thoughts, and dreams. As I've grown into my new life, it's become more and more a place to share the changes in my own mind and a place for conversation.

Piekno itself means beauty, which is what I try to pursue in my daily life. The beauty of home and earth, gardens and simple intentions. In this blog I try to highlight the little, natural beauties in life in a way that, I hope, makes it possible for others to see their own uniquely beautiful lives in a new, and a deeper way.

To Masha:

I live in the woods by choice. I love looking around at a forest that is mine all around me; love the connection I have to the earth and to the seasons; love feeling as if anything might happen, and the haunted feeling I have walking among the trees in the evening.

I’m married to an amazingly good man, who forgives my flakiness and cares every bit as much as I do about creating a beautiful, living home out among the trees. He's joined me in writing here occasionally. We spend our days taking lots of tea-breaks in the midst of labor, playing with our children outdoors, and encouraging Luba the dog’s neurosis. When we aren’t doing any of those things, I can generally be found cleaning obsessively, throwing pots, or writing a bit. My husband works a day job to save me the trouble of leaving home; and Yarrow chases me around the house, demanding love and fresh eggs, while Ilya rests contented against my body - dreaming of milk.

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