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Reinhart, Peter. The Bread Baker’s Apprentice. Ideal bread companion. The bagels are amazing!

Sears, Dr & Mrs. William. The Baby Book. Sears family library. I finally read this book when Petka was about a year, and I loved it. I connected to the Sear’s family’s attitude of treating children as people, which seems to be lacking in so many ‘baby books’. It’s wonderfully big and full of information as well, which is always nice.

Thoreau, Henry David. Walden. One the most important things Thoreau says is to remind his readers that he isn’t advocating imitating his experiament, but absorbing the good in it and doing something uniquely yours. Walden is fantastic in reminding me to see the world anew.

Katzen, Mollie. The Moosewood Cookbook. Great recipes. Lots of great recipes. Our wedding cake came from this book.

Putting Food By. Essential preserving.

Lust, John. The Herb Book. One of the most comprehensive. Well arranged.

Caroline Walker Bynum. Holy Feast, Holy Fast: The religious significance of food for medieval women. I think I read this again at every fast. Interesting, and not always helpful conclusions, but fantastic primary sources.

         Newman, Elizabeth. Untamed Hospitality This book is really guiding my thoughts about hospitality. About how to live well with others.


Soul Gardening A journal for Catholic mothers. Put yourself on the free subscription list here 

The Simple Things A fun new UK magazine about enjoying the simple things in life. I love their cake recipes, passion for good food, and lovely photos! Check it out.

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