Monday, August 12, 2013


Today I am..

Feeling..slow. We spent the weekend camping, I had such a wonderful time! But coming home again and trying to find my rhythm is difficult. We slept late, woke to disorder, and now I'm distracting Petka with scraps of bread and longing for a nap..for me. But what a wonderful time..we really need to get out and camp more often!
Seeing..piles of gear that need to be packed away..picnic basket, boots and clothes, bedding, cast-iron pans..
Smelling..nothing..the autumn air seems to've brought in autumn allergens and my nose is completely useless.
Tasting..a yucky new 'balancing tea' blended with some of my purifying herbs to make it palatable. But still not exactly a fun mid-morning tastes healthy though and that's sort of what I'm going form, I guess.
Listening.. to Walk in the Word..a preacher-show. It has it's own fun little 'walk in the word' intro that Yarrow loves dancing to..
Grateful...for a fantastic birthday weekend, a wonderful husband with an amazing ability to put together just the right gift, an absolutely amazing daughter, and life in general.I can't believe I'm thirty already!
Reading.. nothing at all. I didn't bring a book on the camping trip, and I haven't been awake long enough to pick up something new yet. What should I be reading?? husband. I'm really just blown away by him.
Hoping..for the determination to pick back up my August rituals after the weekend away.


  1. Ah, yeah, I'm going to be feeling that disrupted-rhythm thing myself when we come back from huckleberry picking next week. Sympathy grimace! But I'm glad you had a great birthday and camping trip!!

    When my naturopath prescribed the milk thistle drops, she told me "Now, this'll taste bitter, but you want it to; the bad taste will cue your body that it's being detoxed and help things along." I try and tell myself that... and then camouflage the taste with lots of lemon juice. :)

    1. That's such a comforting thought!!! I kind of like the idea of taste cuing my body and telling it to detox more...I don't know if I like it enough to avoid actually camouflaging the taste!! But's possible.

      You huckleberry trip sounds so fantastic!!! It's taken me ALL WEEK to get back on the wagon, I hope you don't need as much recuperation and re-dedication time..I'll try to post something 'detox inspiring' just in time for you though ;)..if I can work up the enthusiasm :p