Monday, September 30, 2013


Today I am..

Feeling..Excited. Seth spent most of the weekend working on installing our new floor.  I can't wait to see it completed! As autumn makes itself felt and seen all around us, the desire to make the house a nest of comfort and warmth, and the floor, which is so bright and so smooth and so  perfect, has me so excited about all the possibilities!
Seeing..the mess - Everywhere! - that installing a floor causes. All our furniture is scattered, books are piled on the desk, on the floor, under the table, and my hands are itching to organize, but I have to wait - at least until one half is complete.
Smelling.. woodsmoke and coffee. And dust stirred up by moving furniture. I love the smell of woodsmoke in fall especially, when it blends with the scent of dying leaves and hangs longer in the heavier air. The cold leftovers of my early morning cup.
Listening.. to Luba's snores. I let her up in the bed with me as I write, and she immediately pushes her way under all the covers and passes out. It as though she hasn't slept all night. Luba has an addiction to comfort. If she not on the bed, she's resentful, if she's on the bed, but not under the covers, she's miserable. Greedy wretch.
Grateful...for an abundance of calendula! I'm amazed at how well it did this year.
Reading.. nothing. I lost my book in the household adjustment and haven't found another to settle with yet. I think it's under the pile beside the bed, but there are breakables on that pile I'm afraid to move!
Loving..the soft, light gold of the bamboo boards, the fat pigs, the writing I'm doing again after a distracted summer, and life in general.
Hoping..that Seth gets Friday off so we can go to the Fryburg Fair together this year!! I love the fair!

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