Monday, January 6, 2014


Feeling..warm. We're still at the in-laws' house, running hot baths, baking, and sleeping late. We'll head home tomorrow (now that the cold has finally broken, re-stock our wood, kick-up the stove, and pay the plow-guy. I'm looking forward to it, but we've had a wonderful little break here. beautiful Parmesan and garlic loaves turning gold on top in the easy, gas oven..I've baked a lot over the weekend, and it's such a wonderful feeling to know I can just turn a knob to do so..
Smelling.. cheese browning, bread baking, coffee steaming...all the indulgent scents of life.

Tasting..a bit of cinnamon tea-cake...another bit of easy baking fun!

 Listening.. to the sound of gas-heat running through the house, and the soft, needy little snores of Luba on the couch.

 Grateful...for a place to spend the coldest nights that required nothing from me to keep it warm. I love our home, but this winter Seth and I've decided to go back to our original plan - we hope to have a strawbale house built within the next five years. The yurt's insulation is good enough to keep us warm (even through -10 degree nights) but we want a house that doesn't need so much attention while it's keeping us warm.

Reading..cookbooks, I didn't think we'd be staying long, so I didn't bring much else, so I'm stuck with finding new recipes to try and love!

Loving..the Theotokos..I'm dedicating 2014 to the Virgin of the Passion, not with any particular prayers or ceremonies - though I may do something new with the Icon when I get home. 
Hoping..for consistency in this new year, and for many blessings on all I know and love.

Studying.. I took Christmas off from study, tomorrow I'll be back to books and goals, and life in general - we're still on holiday today!

Working on..  a mess in the kitchen...hopefully Seth and Yarrow are planning to work hard at eating it all, because there's way too much for just me.


  1. I wish I were not sick right now, because ALL the food you talked about sounds so good, and I don't feel like making any of it, and I'm drinking tea instead of coffee. I MISS coffee.

    On the other hand, I'm thrilled for you and your on-grid break! I can't imagine living in a yurt in all that cold... although I did live in an RV through a Montana winter once, so I should be able to understand just fine. ;P

  2. Oh my goodness an RV!!! Do they even have heat??? I guess they must, right, but is it good heat or were you cold all the time? We at least have more space than an RV..generally speaking. Was it just you, or your whole family too??

    I hope you get well soon, and back to your coffee as soon as possible! <3

    1. It was the whole family; we lived in it for about nine months while we built our house. And yeah, the RV had heat, except when the pilot light blew out. We had to re-light it a lot. The worst was really the wind, though--and Belgrade was windy, especially up there in the foothills of the Bridgers--it would rock that thing like a rowboat in the surf.

      It was certainly challenging having five (mostly) adults ranging from 5'6" to 6'6" in an 8x25 living space. We're a close family. :)