Friday, December 16, 2016

Technology is a Problem..

About a week ago, we ran out of data. I had to unplug for a while, waiting for the new month to start. Our new data month started up yesterday, and today, the tablet cracked. I can't use it at all and have to run in to see about it's replacement. It's obnoxious and frustrating. 

During my week off-line, I distanced myself a little from my social media habit. And while I was excited to get a chance to go online again, I didn't crave time online as much as I had. It was nice to be forced away from the distraction. But complete unplugging isn't ideal for us right now. My husband has been reviving Paperwine and I've been reviving my blogging and enjoying Instagram. Those aspects have been especially healthy and good. I want them to continue.. I even want much of my facebook use to continue, in a limited sense. And in the winter, on these long, cold nights of stove tending - the connection is entertaining. 

So I'll be heading into town some time this weekend to figure out what's to be done. The problem doesn't really go away, it just keeps getting patched up and moving forward. And tonight, while the stove crackles merrily and the air outside dips down below zero again, I'll be drinking coffee or tea..or maybe a manhattan..and thinking about how to make this latest issue less of a burden and more of an opportunity.


  1. Think my post failed. My words again;
    I appreciate your contemplative wanderings in this beautiful blog. I just discovered it just as it went silent, and delighted that you picked up your pen again. Your reflections are rich And I am grateful for it soulful fabric. I have been on the contemplative path since my youth. I am in the second half of life.
    Thank you for the reference to paperwine, Crow in-flight , And Saint Elizabeth are wonderful, thus I ordered them.

    I know Maine well so please stay warm. May God bless you and your wonderful family. I look forward to your future reflections. Michael

    1. Thank you so much Michael!

      We are staying warm and enjoying the winter together..I'm so glad you love your Paperwine pieces as well..crows are my absolute favorite birds. Such good luck.


    2. Crows are very important to me. They are amazing. They function in extended family pods, they're smart, have tools, actual hold funerals when a member dies. When you befriend one, the entire pods knows you without having had contact with you. It is important to be kind and generous. I connect each morning with two young crows. They respond to my clicking sound and welcome a morning snack. Same time every day when I am here.
      Hope 2017 was a good to you and family. Not sure if you are still writing 2018. peace