Monday, January 16, 2017

Capsule Wardrobes..

There are so many definitions of the capsule wardrobe online. I don't feel bad altering to fit my own needs as well. In my mind, a capsule wardrobe is a small, cohesive collection of clothes that fit together to form a unified whole. They exist in relation to each other, and can generally be worn together interchangeable, but not in a dull way. My intentions for my capsule wardrobe are to have something funky, interesting, and attractive that fits my way of life, and my limited storage space. 

I originally planned on having about 36 pieces of clothing, excepting shoes and scarves.. but when I went through my clothes and made up a list of the items I need to replace or repair, I came up with a number closer to 25 or 30 pieces of clothing. The wardrobe I'm planning for now is made up of 5 skirts, 5 dresses, 10 tops, and 5 variable pieces..leggings or jeans or something. I might end up with fewer of those. I didn't include shoes, but I'd like to end up with 4 pairs of shoes: flats, boots, heels, and muck boots. I also plan on having 4 or 5 scarves. I already have lovely cowboy boots, some fun red flats, and pretty brown heels..since 90% of my wardrobe is black though, I wonder if I should replace the brown heels with something more relate-able. 

But since we're in the middle of 'No-Spend January', adding to my wardrobe will have to wait a while. Right now I'm firmly in the reducing stage of the process. And reducing is so much fun! While I go about getting rid of the clothes that don't spark joy, I'm redoing my drawers, pasting pages from a crumbling book of Parisian photography over the old drawer-paper. 

I'm also creating a capsule board on Pinterest, so I can pick through clothing in my mind before buying anything. 

Has anyone else done a capsule wardrobe? I'd love any advice on making a smooth transition into clothing simplicity.

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