Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sour Pickles and Slow Days

We opened up the sour pickles today! I put them in the crock..following this recipe last Tuesday.  They taste amazing! And the horseradish leaf really helped keep them crisp! I'm putting in a new batch tomorrow..more of them too! 

I canned pickles and dilly beans on Tuesday..Friday we'll be canning more - either pickles, beans, carrots or blackberries..or a bit of each. It's hot in the kitchen, but with the big open places where windows will soon be, it's not unbearable. The whole process is making me feel so awake and purposeful. This is the pinnacle of my retreat. I'm tempted to extend it into September - not because I need to, but because I love ordering my life this way! I'm going to try a sort of lighter version of the retreat in September: carrying over the most beneficial aspects and loosening some of the more serious restrictions. My phone is definitely staying off most of the day, I love having that distraction gone.

Our meal-times have really hit a rhythm. At least, breakfast and lunch..tea and dinner are a bit of a work in progress these days. Today we had egg-salad with fennel and red onion on seedy, multigrain bread, with avocado slices and turmeric-y summer squash. And sour pickles, of course!


  1. Welcome to the Goepel homestead. Where we eat pickles and moosh. But it's tasty moosh.
    -The Neglected Husband
    (Egg salad doesn't photograph well no matter what your skill level)

  2. Egg salad does NOT photograph well. I think you should fire...her/him? it? from the modeling career. Clearly no sense of balance and where the camera is.

    But the pickles look marvelous! yummmmmmmmmmmy!